Guide for Authors

Templates and Forms

Copy right form

Conflict of interest form

Dear authors, Greetings,

Note that it is necessary to observe all the following items in your manuscript,  submitted through the journal website. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the  guide thoroughly and carefully. In the event of any inconsistency with these policies, your article will be rejected in the initial review by the journal editor.

If the respected authors of the articles follow all the points mentioned in the "Authors' Guide" section, the manuscript  will be reviewed in less than two months.

Financial Policies
Article Processing Charges
The initial review fee of Exceptional Children Empowerment after the initial approval of the manuscript is 1.100.000 Rials. (It should be noted that the articles will be sent to the reviewers after receiving Payment receipt).

If the author does not carefully revise the manuscript up to two times, so the manuscript is sent for third time reviewing, he will have to pay an additional fee 1.100.000 Rials.

Subscription Fee
Empowering Exceptional Children has published as an open access electronic journal, so there is no subscription fee for audiences. 

Received manuscripts  will not be returned. The order of preparation of approved articles for publication will be based on  decisions of the editorial board of the journal.

The members of the editorial board of the magazine can publish their own articles in this magazine only once a year.

Authors should not submit more than two articles a year, otherwise the article will be rejected. .

Note that you need to submit 4 files along with all the manuscripts for the publication. 1- Original file, 2- Image of completed commitment form, 3- Image of completed conflict of interest form, 4- Authors' profile file.

As the journal has no sponsorship, all costs from reviewing  to editing and page layout and assigning the  DOI or digital document ID (as an international identifier for digital articles and content), indexing, The cost of electronic publication of the article and etc, are  the responsibility of the journal, the cost of publishing the article is as follows:

Initial review and refereeing fee: 110 thousand Tomans after the initial approval of the article in terms of compliance with the field of specialization and publishable topics (it should be noted that after receiving the deposit receipt related to the refereeing fee, the article will be sent to the reviewers). Cost of editing, page layout and acceptance of the article and allocation of DOI and electronic publication: 750 thousand Tomans after the final acceptance of the article.

 It is accepted that this amount will be deposited and the deposit receipt will be uploaded on the personal page of the corresponding author in the journal site. It should be noted that if the authors of the article does not carefully revise  their article up to two times based on the opinions of the reviewers and the article is sent for the third round of review ,  A paying an additional fee of 110,000 Tomans is required; Therefore, it is better for the respected authors to carefully read the guidelines and suggested format of the journal  and all sections of the "Guide for Authors" guidelines so that the article will be accepted after the first and second rounds of review and would not be subject to any additional costs. Account number of the Exceptional Children Association of Iran for deposit is as follow:

5859837002682462 at Tejarat Bank, Gisha Branch, code 328

 Scan the deposit receipt  to be uploaded only on the personal page of the corresponding  author in the files section of the journal site.

Regulations for the prevention of plagiarism and scientific fraud

 Article submission in the system will be notified by sending an email to all authors of the article. Of course, the inclusion of the authors in the article is their main role in the compilation of the article. In the case,  the authors of the article did not play a role in the preparation of the article and their names have been misused, the journal office must be  notified  immediately via email. All authors are responsible to make sure of  the originality of the work. The publication reserves the right to evaluate cases of plagiarism and discredit.

under no circumstances, there would be changes to the arrangement of the authors’ names, after submitting  the manuscript  to the journal site, including the first or the corresponding author.

Plagiarism comes in many forms, including but not limited to:      

  A. Submit others’ article in your own name

  B. Including names of the authors or researchers who have not played a significant role in the article

  C. Copying or duplicate significant portions of another article (even if the copied article belongs to one of the authors of the new article, which is self-referencing)

  D. Including the results of other authors’ research in your own name

  E. Repeating  publication of an article by a single author in several journals

And. Expressing incorrect results, which are contrary to scientific findings, or distorting research results

  F. Use of invalid or fake data or manipulation of research data In order to protect the credibility and efforts of other researchers, the possible cases of plagiarism are investigated by the officials of the journal, and without any tolerance and concealment and considering the amount of plagiarism, legal actions are taken as follows: 


     1. The article will be rejected and if it is published, it will be removed from the publication website.

     2. The names of all the authors of the article will be included in the journal blacklist.

     3. Legal proceedings will be instituted by the competent judicial authorities.

     4. In an official letter, the plagiarism case will be shared with other related domestic and foreign publications.

  1. An official letter will be notified to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), universities, institutes, journals and any institution, where the authors have used the copyright in this article.

    Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc., should be placed in a separate section. The names of funding organizations should be written in full. The location of this paragraph is at the end of the article before the reference part.